EWS DEVICE | Embedded Wireless Systems

A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) offering complete technical implementations with its own secured IoT infrastructure.
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EWS Device RASnet - Railway Automation System Network

Introduces cost efficient option to improve rail industry operations.

Utilization rate

Lower Total Cost of Ownership by optimizing the usage of your assets.

Equipment control

From sensors to the cloud based applications.

Automated operations

Create automated actions based on operational rules, alerts or real-time traffic information.

OS independent software

Works in smartphones, tablets and office devices.

Install app or open link in a browser.

Internet of Rail Industry Things

For rail and other transportation industries, the fourth industrial revolution promises continuing acceleration of innovation.

Digitization and new generation wireless technologies can enhance the railway infrastructure, maximize availability, and improve the operational efficiency of all assets. 

From the manufacture of rolling stock to how rail operators serve their customers, new technologies will lead to entirely new and more efficient ways of doing business. Despite steady progress, the rail industry needs to continue to pursue these objectives. By embracing an integrated rail ecosystem and new cognitive technologies to acquire, associate and apply information, rail industry can become more efficient and effective, and can create a more responsive and agile operating environment.

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