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A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) offering complete technical implementations with its own secured IoT infrastructure.
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CONnet - Construction Site Tool Monitoring

Reduces the revenue lost from decreased workforce productivity due to the missing items and lack of material or workflow information.

Location data

Collects utilization rate and indoor / outdoor location of assets. 

Global Connectivity

Will rank all MNO networks based on signal strength, in all countries.


From sensors to the cloud-based applications.

OS independent software

Works in mobile, tablet and office devices.


Construction Site Tool Monitoring - What it offers ?

Equipment location:

Ability to find any piece of equipment easily, indoor and outdoor (machinery, smaller items i.e. power drill's inside a building on different floors)

Material / Workflow:

Allows managers to control the on-site work performance.

Remote repairs:

IoT Equipment can be analyzed via the internet, reducing the need for travel

Cost Management:

Track machine hours / reduce idle time

Worker Safety:

Equipment (optionally worker) position monitoring to ensure not going towards dangerous zones.


CONnet software





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